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PF 2018

The Breakfast on NOVA TV

Early Fridays morning we visited NOVA TV with our "ice cream car".Because it was on the celebatoin of Childrens Day, we made a joy to many childs and adults with our ice cream from Opočno and Conde tube with sweet thick cream. All video you can see in archive on NOVA TV and photos in our photogallery.

The Day of Milk 2014

On the end of the May we celebrated the Day of Milk in the church in Břevnov in Prague. This celebration organized the Dairy union of Bohemian-Moravian which gave us three certificates for milk in glass. Our full-fat milk in glass 3,5% was awarded The Diary product of the year 2014 and the prize of the New of the year 2014 for full-fat milk and the second place for half-fat milk .